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6/19/2017 - Drug and Mental Health Help Available
As a Brotherhood, we are here to look out for each other, ourselves and the organization as a whole. That is why we must all be willing to address the issue of drug abuse. It is an epidemic in this country and we have seen the devastating consequences it can lead to firsthand, in this Local and in our families. The leadership of this Local will do everything we can to provide assistance to those who need it as we make it clear that we will not tolerate drug abuse that puts you, your Union Brothers and Sisters, your coworkers and YOUR FAMILY at risk. All Local 25 members and their eligible dependents who are covered under our Medical Plan have access to the Allied Trades Assistance Program (ATAP). This Program was created to address the needs of Union members who are dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues. Please take advantage of this Program if you or a spouse or child (if they are covered under your Medical Plan) is struggling with drug addiction. Moreover, this program isn't just about drug addiction. The ATAP provides help for many different issues, including abuse, alcoholism, anger, anxiety, depression, drugs, work/life stress, etc. The types of care provided are Family/Marital Counseling, Medical/Nonmedical Detox, In Patient Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation, Outpatient Counseling, Aftercare Groups, etc. Professionally trained counselors are available 24/7 and all contacts with them are strictly confidential. No one will know that you have contacted them or that you have taken advantage of any of their services if you choose to keep it confidential. Their toll free number is 800-258-6376. You can find more information at If you are currently working and would like to reach out to get help, you can contact your Business Agent to talk about the least disruptive way to get you off of the job. We will work WITH you and FOR you as much as possible. The first step is to reach out to someone before it's too late.

"Labor never quits. We never give up the fight. No matter how tough the odds, no matter how long it takes." ~ George Meany

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