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3/20/2020 - Halls and Plans office closed to visitors and members
Effective immediately, all Local 25 Offices (Halls and Plans Office) are closed to everyone but staff. We are doing everything we can to ensure that the business of the Union proceeds with as little disruption as possible. This is only possible if our small but mighty staff stays healthy. Please understand that there may be times when staff members are being rotated, allowing for fewer people in the office. If you call a Hall or the Plans Office and don’t get an answer, leave a message indicating the reason for your call and we will call you back (if indicated) and take care of the reason for the call. As always, your Business Agents can also be reached on their cell phones if the Hall number is busy.

"Labor never quits. We never give up the fight. No matter how tough the odds, no matter how long it takes." ~ George Meany

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  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Lucama, NC
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