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4/9/2019 - Sea Service Logbook (required for Sea Service Letter)

As more members are requesting sea service letters from their employer, we must remind you that the Company can require you to submit a sea service logbook with your written request for a letter.  It is your responsibility to keep track of your own sea time.  This can be as simple as noting your hours worked (and the vessel you are on) for each day that you work in a calendar or planner.  Many members do this in the pocket calendar that we mail out to all members at the beginning of each year.  We encourage all members to record their hours worked on a daily basis for their own personal use as well, in case of a discrepancy in their wages or benefits.  We have updated the Local 25 Sea Service Logbook here: Sea_Service_Logbook.pdf.  You are welcome to print this out and use this to submit your time to the Company and also to keep track of your worked hours for your own use.  Please make sure you always keep a copy for your own records before submitting your logbook to anyone.

At the back of the logbook you will find a Request for Sea Service Letter form.  You can fill this out and submit the entire logbook to the Company.  The Company has 30 days to comply with your request. 

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